Jin Jiyan Azadi

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Jin Jiyan Azadi


Kollektiv Ohne Namen (Collective Without Names)


Frankfurt, Germany

Date Created

September 24, 2022


Artist: Kollektiv Ohne Namen (Collective Without Names)


A mural on the side of a building portrays the face of the Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini. To the right of her face "Jin Jiyan Azadi" is written in white paint. This Kurdish slogan translates to "Women Life Freedom." To the right of the slogan, are yellow, red, and green stripes.


Mahsa Amini was an Iranian woman who suspiciously died. She was arrested by the Iranian morality police for wearing her hijab in an improper manner. The morality police beat her before they took her into custody and transported her to a detention center. Three days after she was beaten, she died.

"Jin Jiyan Azadi" is a slogan used by demonstrators who are against the Islamic regime in Tehran. It is also borrowed from the Kurdish feminist movement in Syria.

Kollektiv Ohne Namen expresses in an Instagram post "For a self-determined life for all women* - everywhere! We are not free until women* are free! We show solidarity with the liberation struggle in Iran, in which Kurdish and Iranian forces are fighting together on the front line against the Iranian regime, against the systematic oppression, against the murder of women, of Kurds, of demonstrators on the streets! For freedom, self-determination, for a life without fear, violence, and femicide! Patriarchy is doomed, it is an exploitative, sexist system of violence that devalues, degrades, and controls women* and thus controls the lives of women* in the interests of the oppressor."


Women-led Revolution


Mahsa Amini Forbes article
Kollektiv Ohne Namen Instagram post 




Artist: Kollektiv Ohne Namen (Collective Without Names) (IG: @
kollektivohnenamen) (Twitter: @@KollektivOhne)