Woman, Life, Freedom NYC Die-in

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Woman, Life, Freedom NYC Die-in


Woman Life Freedom NYC (IG: @womanlifefreedomnyc)


Occupying the Assyrian Sculpture Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028


December 04, 2022


Woman Life Freedom NYC
Photographers: InnyWorld


Woman Life Freedom NYC stages a die-in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, wherein numerous protestors laid on the floor for half an hour, covered with bright blood stains and signs that spoke to the various ways the Islamic Republic is murdering and silencing its citizens. The signs read, "I was killed for who I love," They raped and murdered me in the Islamic Republic prison," amonst many others.


Caption from Woman Life Freedom NYC's Instagram post about the Die-in: Today we brought the revolution to the @metmuseum. A mere fraction of the merciless brutality of the Islamic Republic was put on display by @womanlifefreedomnyc and not something to be ignored.
 The goal of the Iranian Diaspora is to amplify the voices of those inside Iran. One statement has come through loud and clear: this is a revolution, not a protest.

The people of Iran are being arrested, beaten, raped, tortured and murdered. This has continued for 78 days.

 We ask that you see and hear what is unfolding in Iran. We ask that you help to amplify their voices. We ask that you share their stories. We ask that you show this brutal regime the world is still watching. Until we are all free.

Woman. Life. Freedom.


Women-led Revolution





Organizer: Woman Life Freedom NYC
Photographers: InnyWorld