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Whitney Bradshaw


Whitney Bradshaw is an artist, activist, educator, curator, and former social worker. Bradshaw has been the head of the visual art conservatory at ChiArts since the fall of 2012. Bradshaw's work has been exhibited widely including solo shows at the DePaul Art Museum (Chicago), The Lubeznik Center for the Arts (Michigan City, Indiana), The Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University, the Wave Pool Contemporary Art Fulfillment Center (Cincinnati), The Show Gallery (St Paul) and the Museum of Surgical Science (Chicago). Additionally, her work was curated into the Dock6 Design + Art 13, 2020 (Chicago), Female in Focus 2020 at the Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, Colorado), and the Terrain Biennial 2020 (Chicago). She has also shown work at Box 13 Artspace (Houston), James Kearney Campus Gallery at New Jersey State (Trenton), Iceberg Projects (Chicago), Brooks Stevens Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (Milwaukee), Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois Chicago, and the Midway Art Fair (Chicago). Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the DePaul Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, Northwestern School of Law, the Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Collection, and numerous other private collections. Additionally, her work has been published and/or reviewed in the New York Times, Columbia College's 6×6 series, Time Out New York, New City, the MCA Chicago catalog for The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music 1965-Now, Esthetic Lens Magazine, the LA Times, The Calodian Record (Vermont), the Chicago Tribune, and WTTW's Chicago Tonight did a segment on Bradshaw's social practice project titled Outcry in 2018.

Bradshaw was formerly the assistant curator of the renowned LaSalle Bank Photography Collection and the curator of photography for the Bank of America Collection. While curating for 13 years, Bradshaw was an adjunct professor in the photography department at Columbia College Chicago where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in theory and practice. In 1991 Bradshaw attained a BA in Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies from Eastern Illinois University, a program she spearheaded and was the first to graduate with a degree in. From 1991-1997 Bradshaw worked in Chicago as a social worker. In 2001 she was named one of the top 10 MFA candidates and awarded the College Art Association Regional MFA Exhibition at UIC's Gallery 400. She graduated with her MFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2001. You can learn more about Bradshaw's work on her website, whitneybradshaw.com.

Bio courtesy of Society for Photographic Education (SPE): https://www.spenational.org/members/whitney-bradshaw


Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, University of California, Berkeley, 2120 Oxford Street #2250, Berkeley, CA 94720


Created: January 20, 2018 - Present; Outcry on view at BAMPFA July 13 - November 8, 2022 


Photographer: All photos courtesy of Whitney Bradshaw, the artist


Whitney Bradshaw’s photo series Outcry portrays women engaging in unbridled self-expression, as if screaming at maximum volume.


From July 13–November 8, 2022, Whitney Bradshaw's photography series Outcry will be on view on BAMPFA’s outdoor screen. According to a statement released on the museum's website:

"In response to the alarming recent rollback of women’s rights, artist Whitney Bradshaw will present her celebrated photography series OUTCRY on BAMPFA’s massive outdoor screen. Consisting of more than one hundred images from Bradshaw’s photo series portraying women engaging in unbridled self-expression at maximum volume as an act of defiance against patriarchal oppression, this presentation marks the first time this series will be displayed in a large-scale digital format.

The Chicago-based artist invites small groups of women who are not previously acquainted with each other into her studio for 'scream sessions,' where they can express emotions—ranging from rage to sorrow to laughter—in a safe and supportive environment designed to cultivate a spirit of feminist solidarity across different life experiences. The resulting photo portraits challenge expectations around how women—and in particular, women’s anger—are portrayed in traditional portraiture and mainstream culture.

OUTCRY will appear in three 60-minute rotations each day, beginning at 8:30 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM."

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Statements from the Artist:

“Through this project, I provide women a space where they can be heard, supported and encouraged to speak out and up for themselves and for one another,” Bradshaw’s website says.

“I hope the work empowers women who take part in it as well as those who view it, all while encouraging empathy and understanding in all who see it.”

“All the women in (the collection) are brave, powerful women,” Bradshaw said. “I think one of the things I love most about the project is when we all come together and engage in this exercise, it takes a lot of bravery, and I think that’s good practice for finding our bravery out in the world when we need to and also to speak up for each other all the time.”

“It’s important to me that a very diverse group of women is represented in the project. I do this to create a space for intersectional empathy and understanding while giving voice to as many women as possible. I hope to ensure that when a woman views the project, she can see someone like her in it."


Reproductive Rights and Health Justice







Artist: Whitney Bradshaw, http://whitneybradshaw.com; Photos courtesy of Whitney Bradshaw, the artist