Respect Reproductive Freedom

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Respect Reproductive Freedom


Jodie Herrera

"My ultimate goal is to to connect and uplift all women, while providing a platform for important issues around intersectional feminism, I hope my work to be a catalyst for positive change."

Jodie Herrera is a Northern New Mexican painter with Latina, Apache and Comanche ancestry. She has been an artist her whole life and started formally painting in 2011. Herrera received her BFA with honors from the University of New Mexico and currently resides in Albuquerque, where she works as a full time Artist and Curator.

Herrera is currently focusing on two art projects. Herrera's main project is locally based, where she creates semi-photorealistic figurative oil paintings portraying women that are going through or have persevered through trauma. Addiction, abuse and cancer are but some of these traumas. Herrera takes great care with each story, building personal and supportive relationship with each of her participants. Herrera then narrates their experiences using symbolism within her paintings and explains it with a write up that accompanies each piece. She strives to celebrate the beauty and resilience of these women and hopes they can provide inspiration for others.

Women Across Borders, is an International Arts and Activism project. She specifically works with refugee and immigrant women and creates paintings that illustrate their personal journeys. She provides monetary and emotional support for all her participants and hopes to bring attention the issues they face and have overcome, as well as to educate and activate others around the subject. (Source:

Herrera’s ultimate goal is to to connect and uplift all women, while providing a platform for important issues around intersectional feminism. Herrera hopes her work can be a catalyst for positive change.

Herrera was awarded “Best Visual Artist of 2017” by Albuquerque The Magazine, and her art has been featured in such settings as The Art and History Museum of Santa Cruz, The Albuquerque Art and History Museum, The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Arts, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine(online), Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, among many others.


Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque, 724 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102


Created 2021; Documented 2021


Photographer(s): Jodie Herrera


Jodie Herrera was commissioned by ACLU New Mexico in 2021 to create this mural in order to inspire respect and increase awareness for reproductive health.

Artist Description:
“It was an honor to create this mural for our community and work with the ACLU of New Mexico. I am very passionate about this issue and understand that criminalizing abortion only leads to a world where women suffer from unsafe medical practices, economic distress, and inequality. The ability to make these deeply personal decisions helps us reach our potential, leading to women holding positions of power typically dominated by men. The woman I chose to paint, Tatiana Garcia, is not only an advocate for reproductive justice but is an aspiring doula. In her palm she cradles a blossom illustrating how women hold the power in their own hands to decide when to create life.” (ACLU.NM)





Artist: Jodie Herrera; Photographer: Jodie Herrera