Field of Climate Fire



Field of Climate Fire

Alternative Title

Field of Fire


Glasgow Actions Team, Instagram: @glasgowactionsTwitter: @glasgowactions

The Glasgow Actions Team is a task force that came together specifically for COP26. Our team regroups the best campaigners, makers and dreamers with various international backgrounds in climate action.  We deliver high-profile actions to push climate champions to go further, call out blockers, and expose deniers. Our work brings together collective action and striking visuals with a touch of humour.


George’s Square, Glasgow, Scotland - United Kingdom


Created: October 28, 2021; Documented October 28, 2021


Photographer: Glasgow Actions Team


"On Thursday, October 28, 2021, activists welcomed world leaders to COP26 with a field of climate fire in George Square, Glasgow G2 1DH. The group symbolically set George Square 'on fire' with an art installation. A giant banner reading 'COP26: End the Climate Emergency' was stretched in the middle of George Square, surrounded by three-meter-tall fire extinguishers, massive cardboard flames, dry ice, and smoke, creating an atmosphere that no one could ignore as they walked through the prominent public square. The installation drew attention from passersby and delegates from around the world who are converging upon the city to prepare for the international negotiations." -Glasgow Actions Team


"In 2021, humanity experienced devastating wildfires on multiple continents. Even halfway through the calendar year, wildfire seasons were larger than ever before, with increased extreme weather caused by climate change (such as droughts and heat waves) strengthening the intensity and scale of fires.

The COP26 UN summit on climate change took place in Glasgow, right after Europe experienced its hottest summer in history, with average temperatures surging to 1C above normal. Meanwhile, the carbon reduction pledges that the world’s governments had presented in Paris were nowhere near enough to keep the temperature rise to the 1.5C goal by 2025.

It was in this context that GAT organised this protest art installation on Glasgow’s historic George Square, framing the global media debate in the leadup to the summit. The big cotton banner is in 'flames' declaring a 'Climate Emergency' -- a reminder to world leaders of the magnitude of the crisis. The central banner is framed by wooden fires and two giant wooden ‘fire extinguishers’ cut-outs. The gauges on the extinguishers act as climate thermometers, with the indicators pointing at 1.2C, which is the warming the world is currently experiencing – just a breath away from the 1.5C goal and the climate chaos predicted by scientists! The extinguishers represent the solutions, spelling our two key demands: urging leaders to act on what they promised in Paris, and keep the 1.5C goal alive.

George Square was chosen as it is surrounded by architecturally important buildings, boasts an important collection of statues and monuments, and has often been the scene of political events and protests. The iconic Glasgow location sets the context for this COP26 related action, and its grey buildings create a dynamic contrast with the red and yellow fire artwork, bringing the climate emergency in the heart of this wet host city. The banner was held by a mixture of local and international protesters, some of which coming from countries crippled by wildfires this year."
-Glasgow Actions Team


"If the last year of climate emergency after climate emergency around the world hadn’t made it clear, the 6th IPCC report has: climate catastrophe can only be averted if humanity acts fast.

With the clock ticking, world leaders are hoping to sneak in and out of the upcoming United Nations climate negotiations committing to the bare minimum of climate action — and that’s if the blockers and deniers don’t stop them from taking any meaningful action whatsoever.

The Glasgow Actions Team exists to stop that from happening. We'll be on the ground pushing the climate champions to go further, calling out the blockers, and exposing the deniers. Moving the COP towards climate justice one action at a time." -Glasgow Actions Team




Artist: Glasgow Actions Team,; Photographer: Glasgow Actions Team