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Cannupa Hanksa Luger_Chris Bauer_01.jpg
Three images are placed on the side of a building. Each of the images depicts the Midéegaadi (which means buffalo in the Hidatsa language) and is overlaid with red text. The text reads “We Survive You.” At the bottom of the images are QR codes.

Torkwase Dyson_Chris Bauer_01.JPEG
Bird and Lava (Scott Joplin) is a large architectural structure in black with multiple vantage points that the public is able to walk through and interact with in different ways.

SlowDrag_Jon Gitchoff_04.JPEG
SlowDrag is a sound installation consisting of cars moving through the St. Louis Place neighborhood playing numerous simultaneous remixes of an interpolation of the song “Black Angel Blues” created by the artists, further reinterpreted and remixed…

Slower-Than-Light Shrine: In Remembrance of the Underground Railroad is a metal shrine with mirrors, clocks, and hair picks.

The 22-foot-tall bronze sculpture portrays Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott's arms intertwined in a hug.

An eighteen-letter installation reads "Black Lives Do Matter." Each of the letters portrays a different image.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 115059.png
The project portrays various black-and-white portraits of Indigenous individuals. The portraits are placed on the side of buildings as wheat pastings.

Image 1.jpg
Image 1 was created by Bud Snow. "Save Abortions" is written in turquoise bubble letters and "Abortions Save" is written in pink bubble letters. Behind the letters is a black background. This billboard was located on Gratiot Ave. & Adelaide St.…

A mural on the side of a building portrays a female with her left fist in the air. In her fist, there are strands of hair. Underneath her face, "We Honor the Innocent Lives Lost Fighting For a Free Iran" is written in white paint. It wraps around her…
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