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tha muthaship 1_IMG_6251.jpeg
THA MUTHASHIP is a 1970’s Terry travel trailer customized with paint and sound healing materials created by Simiya Sudduth on the occasion of Counterpublic 2023.

Cannupa Hanksa Luger_Chris Bauer_01.jpg
Three images are placed on the side of a building. Each of the images depicts the Midéegaadi (which means buffalo in the Hidatsa language) and is overlaid with red text. The text reads “We Survive You.” At the bottom of the images are QR codes.

Torkwase Dyson_Chris Bauer_01.JPEG
Bird and Lava (Scott Joplin) is a large architectural structure in black with multiple vantage points that the public is able to walk through and interact with in different ways.

SlowDrag_Jon Gitchoff_04.JPEG
SlowDrag is a sound installation consisting of cars moving through the St. Louis Place neighborhood playing numerous simultaneous remixes of an interpolation of the song “Black Angel Blues” created by the artists, further reinterpreted and remixed…

Slower-Than-Light Shrine: In Remembrance of the Underground Railroad is a metal shrine with mirrors, clocks, and hair picks.

New Red Order_Jon Gitchoff_1.jpg
The exhibit displays illustrations of the environment projected on the wall. Some of the images incorporate humans working on the land. Other images have overlaid text that reads "Give It Back."

Jordan Weber_Jon Gitchoff_06.jpg
Jordan Weber's work consists of 11 obsidian boulders with bronze plaques.

Raven Chacon_Tyler Small_028.jpg
Raven Chacon's Music for 13 Paths consists of an original score and thirteen hand-cut and tuned chimes.

Simiya 2_8M1A9402.jpg
Mural of a Black woman wearing a red dress, as she stands in cotton field and is also holding cotton in each hand. Background includes a blue sky with white clouds and sun; inside the sun the Roman numeral eleven. The image is framed with a white…

Fields 1_DJI_0173-Enhanced.jpg
This public work consists of forty varied square-shaped platforms constructed out of wood and each embellished in bright colors with ribbons that reference Osage cosmologies of balance between sky, water, and earth. The platforms rest atop Sugarloaf…
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