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Protesters gathered outside of the White House hold yellow signs. The signs read "Justice for Tyre Nichols Jail Cop Killers" and "The People Demand: End Police Terror." At the bottom of each poster is "Party for Socialism & Liberation."

A mural on the side of a building portrays a portrait on the left and phrases on the right. The phrases read "Tyre Nichols," "#JusticeforTyre," "All He Wanted To Do Is Get Home," and "Hello Parents" in various colors.

An eighteen-letter installation reads "Black Lives Do Matter." Each of the letters portrays a different image.

10th _ Baltimore • @codyhuntfilms (Cody Hunt) • drone 02 (1).jpg
The KC Art on the Block: A Black Lives Matter Project, organized by Kansas City in partnership with the local NAACP chapter and Urban League of Greater Kansas City, engaged local artists and community members in the creation of six namesake street…

A mural portrays a portrait of Tyre Nichols. It reads "Justice For Tyre Nichols Sunday @ 2 pm Candle Light Vigil." Behind Tyre is a blue and green background.
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