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Monument to the Fighters of the Revolution was opened on September 2, 1978, as a tribute to the Revolution fighters. On the left of the sculptural group is the "Awakening" which depicts the social forces movements in pre-revolutionary Kyrgyzstan. On…

The "Glorieta de las mujeres que luchan" ("Women Who Fight Roundabout") anti-monument portrays a purple piece of metal on the top of a pedestal. The piece of metal depicts the silhouette of a woman who has her left arm raised. Behind her, is a stand…

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In the video, the artist Zehra Doğan placed menstrual blood, henna, and hair on the gate of the Berlin Iranian Consulate.

The artist stated "Berlin, Iranian Consulate. We are in front of them with what they curse; menstrual blood, henna and hair.…

A canvas is painted red and white. On the canvas, there is a police officer figure who is painted in black and white. The police officer holds a bag in their right hand with a yellow bottom and a pink teddy bear. In the left hand of the police…

On October 09, 2022, art students from Azad University protested in front of the art faculty building. The students painted red on their hands to symbolize the bloody repression of the protests by the security forces.

A stencil on a wall portrays three figures. The figure farthest to the left holds its right fist in the air. The next figure is portrayed as pushing down blocks, which are similar to dominos. The blocks push over the figure that is farthest to the…

A female holds a red poster that reads "Stand with the Women of Iran." To the left of the words, is a female who holds her hair in her right hand. The hair is on fire.

A cardboard poster portrays a female with her right fist in the air and her hair blowing. To the right of the female is the phrase "Women, Life, Freedom."

A female spray-paints pink and red words on the wall of the Iranian Embassy in Mexico City. Some of the words are "Iran," "Macho," and "Mahsa Amini."

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A mural on the side of a building portrays two females. One of the females is Mahsa Amini. She died in police custody in Iran after being arrested for inappropriately wearing her hijab. The other female is RokhSar رخساره. She portrayed cutting her…
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