Welcome to the Monuments to Movements Archive. This database seeks to document global monuments and public art that commemorates collection action. This archive is part of the initiative Monuments to Movements - In the House of Radical Feminist Practices. In partnership with Urban Art Mapping, we are building a crowdsourced archive as a repository for images that document public art made about social movements. The images are collected and made available for research and education (commercial use is not allowed). The metadata allows for an analysis of the themes, issues and mediums that constitute monuments in public spaces, and are explored in relation to local experiences, responses and attitudes. 

SUBMISSIONS: Given the global scope of this archive and the sometimes ephemeral nature of art in public spaces, crowdsourcing is essential to the expansion of this project. Have you documented works in public (murals, sculptures, performance, new media, actions, etc.) near you or while traveling? Please submit information and images to the database here

HOW TO USE THIS ARCHIVE: This is a new archive and a new field of study, yet even though the collection is still small, items represent monuments from around the world. You may browse the works to understand the diversity of media we seek to collect and to learn how to fill out the questions on the form. Don't get overwhelmed by the optional questions we pose, fill out as much as you know, and please seek our help to research and complete the rest. The most important part is the photo documentation you provide (thank you!), but we also deeply value your knowledge about the work and hope to create very informative and inspiring entries for each work.

Images and writing collected in this database are copyrighted for educational purposes only. They are not intended for commercial use. Reproduction rights remain with creators/photographers.

About Monuments to Movements - In the House of Radical Femininisr Practices (M2M): M2M is an international initiative that seeks to re-envision monuments to tell more inclusive, honest and undertold stories about our past, present and future. Our work is centered on 4 concepts that we use to commission and contextualize new monuments: commemorate collective action over "heroes;" employ intersectional feminist theory and tools; insure inclusive participation; and embrace impermanence. Learn more about our story, our mission, our inaugural projects, our international movement builders, or to support our work. Thank you for helping build the movement! 


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